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Battle of the Bands Application

Tumbleweed Dancehall presents Calf Fry 2024 Battle of the Bands! 

(18) Eighteen bands will be selected to compete in the 2nd Annual 2024 Calf Fry Battle of the Bands.

Battle of the Bands is an 8-week battle starting the first weekend in February and running through the second weekend in April. Each week (3) Three Bands will Battle it out to move on to the Semi-Final Round. From there (6) Six Bands will Battle for the Top 3 spots in the Finals, where ONE WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED!

Although, there is ONE Winner, the top 3 Bands will receive a cash prize and an opening slot of Calf Fry 2024 Main Stage, May 2,3 4.

(6) Six other bands will have the opportunity to play Calf Fry 2024 Pre-Party!

Additional Details

  • All musical genres welcome!

  • Bands will be chosen to compete based on their artistic ability and instrumentation. Staff will review all applications and select (18) Eighteen bands to compete. 

  • This competition is for full bands only.

  • If you have played the Calf Fry main stage in years past, YOU are NOT eligible to compete. 

  • Judging criteria will be based on three areas:

  • Advanced Ticket Sales /Day of Show Ticket Vote (Excluded in Semi-final and Final Rounds)

  • Points awarded by three community judges

  • Crowd participation (sound meter) 

  • The Tumbleweed / Calf Fry team has outsourced qualified judges to participate each week.  The judges have criteria categories that make up the majority number of points.  The winner from ticket sales and crowd decibels reading has additional points added in.  Once totaled the band with the highest points awarded, is the winner for that round and will continue in the competition.  We must state, this is NOT a popularity contest, it is a true music competition, so just know, tickets and crowd sound decibel readings are not a guaranteed win.

  • Tumbleweed Dancehall will provide professional sound and lighting for all competing bands. Please fill out the application below and submit to be considered for the second annual Calf Fry Battle of the Bands


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